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Hi, I'm Khushbu

As a yoga teacher, chakra guide, and an attorney, I’ve learned that happiness is found in the aatma, the soul. When you are aligned with your aatma, you become your truest self. Life can bring many twists and turns that can guide us away from our passions. Sometimes we need direction or knowledge to guide us back to our true path. I'd be honored to help you align yourself with your aatma so that you can follow your true passion, work, and self.

 If you're struggling with feelings of stagnation and not feeling internally connected to your life...

If you find yourself believing that you can't change your life, that it's too late to do or be something different...

If you think that this is all you can achieve in your journey...


Get ready to step into a new light, greater understanding, and full alignment with who you are and what you're really worth!

Let's Reclaim Your Aatma

The Aatma Practice

Monthly Membership | Weekly and Monthly Practices | Exclusive Community

The Aatma Practice is an exclusive monthly membership to cultivate your self-growth journey. Each month we focus on a different area of life called Journeys. As a member of The Aatma Practice you'll have access to numerous tools and guidance for each Journey, like meditations, journal prompts, and so much more

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Freebies Library

Soul Workbook | Meditations | Other Goodies

The Freebies Library is where I keep all my free offers like the Soul Workbook, gratitude meditation, and many others. This is also where you will find my future freebies.

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The Yoga Nidra Podcast

Yoga Nidra | Mindset Development | Deep Yogic Sleep

The Yoga Nidra Podcast is a guided meditation practice for deep relaxation. Yoga Nidra means “yogic sleep” and is a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping. A powerfully restorative practice to restore your mind, body, and soul.

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